We believe that truly innovative products have potential

to make the world a better place, for everyone.

That is why we help our clients with their

international sales operations.


Sure Sun

Sure Sun is an international sales partner to OEM's or vendors in the consumer product industry. It is our job to ensure smooth and fast movement of products up the channel.

We offer our services to companies who wish to turn their innovative ideas or products into successful business ventures, in untapped or struggling regional markets.


Our expertise lies in the the Nordic and Pacific Asia-region, but we dabble with the global market as well.


How we

Help You

Our mission is to discover or partner up with innovative product companies. We offer our clients a bridge to new and untapped markets, or help them increase their profitability in an already established one. By doing that, we hope to help incentivize global innovation, in all corners of the world.

As channel sales partners, we take an overarching role in the sales cycle of our partners' products. Sure Sun take charge of the product sales journey starting from our partners' factory, through distributors and resellers,  all the way into the hands of the end-customer. We assist with all aspects of international trade, logistics and local certifications. Our sister company, TMG, help handle the aspects of marketing & communication for each of our projects.