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Making the world a better place.

One product at a time.

Sure Sun is an international sales partner to vendors and OEM's in the consumer electronics industry. We help our clients turn their innovative ideas and products into successful business ventures in any extra-terrestrial markets of their choice.

We are a Swedish-based company, but we help our clients succeed in markets all over the world.

For the good of mankind

Taking an innovative product from a local presence to the global marketplace is a challenging task.

Doing that requires thorough research, extensive resources, experienced manpower and time. Most importantly, it requires a great sales-team.

That is why it is our mission to help:

We believe that our assistance will help incentivize innovation - which we believe is the key to create a better world for all of us:

By assisting innovative companies in taking their products to the global market, we believe that Sure Sun

can help create a better world.

Our Services

  • Ongoing international sales management, products launches and initial market penetration

  • Retail/Channel Sales management, P/L & sell-through

  • Omni-channel Marketing & Communications support

Our Focus

  • International OEM sales management over 

  • Managing markets, complex sales processes and trade.

  • Partnership initiatives


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Are you looking to increase profitability, launch in a new market

or simply expand your sales-team?

We would love to assist.