Rise with the sun.

A tale of how Sure Sun can bring your innovative product to the global market and outshine your competition.

Big business. Small business.

Who really makes the most innovative products?

This is a question that we at Sure Sun want everyone to think about.

"Seeing is believing"

Citing research, it can be argued that the vast majority of products consumed today are generally produced by a large corporation, and then by popular demand they must be the best. It is a reasonable assumption.

But the fallback is of course that all the products consumers are exposed in a retail setting are generally procured by retail purchasers and managers, who have KPI's to follow. You should estimate that the products a consumer encounters in an everyday store or retail have been procured to them based on popularity, margin-profitability and time to market - as seen from the perspective of whatever retail-operator, or store, that is canvassing the product.

In our opinion, those metrics does not equal a filter toward "most innovative" products.

"It's a Hobson's Choice"

If we look at the other side of the spectrum in terms of retail, we find marketplaces like Amazon. Called that because it is a true "retail jungle" where everything can be found. If we are willing to explore deeply, then marketplaces could potentially be a better platform for promoting innovation.

Marketplaces have the potential to even the playing field between large and small OEM's - and presumably, reward innovation.

Unfortunately, that assumption is flawed. Prospects are still limited, but in ways one may not be aware of. Enter psychology, in the form of cognitive dissonance.

Marketplaces, as seen from the eyes of a consumer, means that individuals might encounter a daunting inventory of different goods. Amazon and the plethora of options offered within, creates a type of "retail tunnel vision, which many consumers experience as a sense of wariness or caution.. If you have ever personally been shopping on marketplaces like these, you might recall the feeling of doubt or sense a suspicion of non-recognized brands and concerned of untrusted products and suppliers.

As a result, consumers tend to opt in favor if brands which they may already know, or products which a trusted peer have recommended to them. Even perhaps products with overwhelmingly high rating on the site itself - although recently, the consumer-base have become wary of these metrics as well, with news spreading that ratings might not be reliable information due to bot-manipulation.

In reality, marketplaces have become the platform where we as consumers go to find "a bargain" and the associated savings are the reason consumers venture to platforms like Amazon. Although this is speculation as to the "why", studies points to that big business actually earn the majority of business on marketplaces, placing heavy factor on brands' renown and brand recognition. Another factor as to "why" could be explained through the additional workload that Amazon represents for small businesses: managing a website, processing payments, storing inventory, and picking and shipping items to fulfill orders can be a lot for a small business to handle, and actually prevent the smaller OEM's from efficiently competing on marketplaces.

Working hard, or hardly working?

In both scenarios, the filter for product is more based on popularity and social esteem. From a marketing perspective, popularity is only an implied worth made real by frequent and recurring encounters with the end-consumer. The barrier to trade therefore is that large corporations, have more interactions with the potential consumer base than does the small company.

It is in a way irrelevant how good, or inventive, a product or service is - unless their advertising real estate and strength or voice is equal to what the large corporations are outputting.

We think this highlights the biggest issue for brands offering a new, amazing product: Saturation.

A company might have a great product, but the market is unwilling to take their word for it. They do not know that brand.

A consumer is correct to be afraid that adopting early could turn out to be just another heartbreaking purchase. So what does an upcoming brand have to do in order to gain apprehension in their target market and gain such trust?

Where the sun doesn't shine - yet.

Evidently, and quite depressingly, it does not really matter how innovative or amazing a specific product is, unless it can also have a stable and overwhelming presence in the market-place at the same time. To achieve such status, brands need to have entities backing your product. Endorsements from retail-chains really goes a long way. So does a good review or two. But most importantly, products need constant, good exposure through partners over time. For a small business or new brand, that means taking a relatively large financial risk to achieve something which they most likely have never done before.

Recruiting, hiring and training might sound simple, but chances are that a company may hire the wrong person, train them improperly or lose them before they have yet to make a return on their investments. More often than not, this is where companies fail and have to pay a really heavy price. Sometimes the companies go under.

We believe that this inherent problem of the market is the fundamental reason as to why Sure Sun exist. It takes hard work, risk-management and knowhow to succeed securely over time.

Sure Sun is a collection of sales, marketing and retail management experts, who have long experience in international trade. We believe that innovative companies should be given a chance to make it into the spotlight for one simple reason: innovation is a key to the future, and we want to do our part in creating a better world.

Your brand could outshine the sun

Sure Sun are a Swedish-based international sales partner who respond to companies’ need to turn their innovative ideas into successful business ventures.

Sure Sun can assist as your external sales-organisation, ensuring that you enjoy efficiency and profitability in the sell-through-cycle. We are generally responsible for generating quick and secure movement of the product from factory, all the way to the hand of the end-consumer. In a nutshell, we take care of the sales process starting from your factory, across the oceans, over country borders, through distributors, sub-distributors, channel, retail and ultimately into the hands of the end-user. Beyond sales management, Sure Sun can handle all aspects of required operations like logistics, insurance, distribution, value added resellers and dealers on your behalf.

We offer companies the opportunity to focus solely on producing innovative products, while we take care of the part which fundamentally drives the innovation process: sales and marketing.

Reach for the Sun

We offer the expertise and connections; you offer the product. We make sure it is successful.

All the while we are both working toward creating a better, more innovative world.

Please get in touch with us.

We think the world depends on it.

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